2015 Folly Beach Christmas Parade

The Folly Beach Christmas Day Parade is easily one of our family’s favorite events of the year.

Before we get into our take on the Folly Beach Christmas Parade here are the details on the event.

When: Saturday December 12th 2015 at 1:00pm (We highly recommend getting there early as traffic is usually pretty bad)

Where: Folly Beach, SC Center Street – The parade start location has changed to the corner of 2nd street and West Ashley


Usually on the day after Thanksgiving I ask myself When’s the Folly Beach Christmas parade?

Why? Because This is Christmas Done THE FOLLY BEACH WAY!

Oh no, this is NOT your formal Christmas parade. It is pure greatness and here are a few reason why you should attend.

The People & The Place-It’s a Christmas Parade out at the beach and the vibe is jolly and SO FOLLY. The people who enter the parade and attend the parade are awesome and eclectic. You will see a lot of happy Hippies, Surfers, Rich Folk (not the uppity kind), Blue Collar Workers, Parents, Retiree’s, Skateboarders, Stoners, Pizza Lovers, Candy Lovers (kids) and more.

Folly Beach Christmas Parade Santa and People

Live Music-Because it’s better than music that is NOT LIVE

Folly beach Christmas parade live music

-Candy – Each float throws candy to the crowd.

A special note to those on floats. If you think you have enough candy YOU DON’T! You do not want to be the people at the end of the parade route with NO Candy. The Bert’s Market float as a great example of how to do it right. Kids and adult kids (like me) go crazy for the Berts Market float because they throw out the best candy every year. They literally scoop it from buckets onto the streets.

-Shut Down Streets & Open Containers – Because Alcohol is an Adult Persons Candy and this is the Edge of AMERICA!

-Anyone can enter a float and that float can be just about anything (and it usually is).

The Top 3 Floats are awarded prizes

Do you have a VW van, classic car or just ANY car you want to decorate?

Well go right ahead and enter the parade…

Dress up that classic car with lights or bust out that hippie tinsel and join the VW motocade.

Hippie Tinsel Folly Beach

Got a boat? Decorate it and enter the parade

Whether you have a giant Yacht or a John Boat FULL of candy (see Berts Market). The people at the Folly Beach Christmas parade want to see your creativity (and candy). We really want lots of candy.

Boat Decorated For Folly Beach Parade

Golf Carts

You can’t think of Folly Beach and NOT imagine a golf cart with red solo cups in it. Grab your golf cart, pimp it out and decorate it to the 9’s for Christmas. Here’s a good idea for a golf cart float

Santa Riding a Fire Truck-Santa makes an appearance and he does it on a giant fire truck…that’s baller.

Santa at the folly beach christmas parade

And those are just some of the reasons why you should attend this event, see you there!