The Folly Beach Farmers Market

On August 12th 2015 we finally had a chance to make it to The Folly Beach Farmer & Artist’s Market last week….sick toddlers sure can throw a wrench in your plans for a few weeks.

Before we jump into the full post here are the details about the market.Browsing the Folly Beach Farmers Market

Location: Folly River Park on Center Street (If you are driving to Folly it’s just over the last bridge and on the left side)

Time: Wednesdays from 6:00pm-Dusk

The market was such a fun midweek evening event for our little family! We arrived early and were able to take a walk on the pier that is connected to the Folly River and Folly River public park.

Taking in the beauty of the river and reeds around us we watched boaters and kayaker’s float by in the river and people coming and going over the Folly River bridge

Elijah enjoyed being a “race car” and running as fast as he could to the outlook and back to the market.

Folly River Pier

The live music was very enjoyable..with Mike Sivilli from Dangermuffin and Slaton Glover from The Travlin Kine strumming away providing us time to just dance a bit and enjoy the sights and sounds around us. Elijah loves to dance and tip the band….especially with the beautiful ladies all around to show off for.

Mike From Dangermuffin Slaton from The Travelin Kine

We loved seeing all the local artisans out with their beautiful work. One of the best things about the Folly Beach Farmers Market is that you do not always see the same vendors. They like to mix it up which what makes it one of the best markets in Charleston.

They keep a very active Facebook Page with all sorts of info and photos about vendors, artists & musicians past and present. Folly Beach Farmers Market Facebook Page.

With a 2 year old to keep an eye on we did not have time to speak with all the vendors but the few we did have a chance to talk to were all very nice. Here are a few highlights of the folks we spoke to. We wish that we were able to visit and speak with everyone who was there.

chase barker creative & Gordon DepuyGordon Depuy is a custom re-purposed wood frame artist. He finds all of his wood pieces from homes that are being remodeled downtown and creates unique wood frames for photos and art.

He was sitting with his friend and photographer Chase Barker. Chase naturally uses Gordon’s wood frames for his photography & art pieces. Who doesn’t love looking at photos of Folly and in true Folly fashion Chase took the time to explain each shot and provide a story behind the photo.

Check out Gordon’s website here and Chase told us he keeps an active Facebook page which you can see here.

The food offerings were also awesome… The Immortal Lobster Food Truck was there and Joseph Fields Farm’s had their gorgeous crops for purchase.  We went home with tons of Okra, some golden potatoes, tomatoes, squash and pickling cucumbers (my hubby loves to make his own pickles!).Joseph Fields Farms

Bootleg Jerky CharlestonOne of the best discoveries for us was the local (and extremely delicious) Bootleg Beef Jerky. Gary seasons and makes his own jerky with flank steak. Best part, it’s
preservative free, nitrate free, and MSG free and not expensive compared to that store/gas station jerky. We enjoyed the jerky alongside a simple rice and veggie stir fry which sounds odd, but was on point!! You can pick up some of his beef jerky snacks around town at The Recovery Room, Surf Bar and some other places.

We look forward to heading out to The Edge and enjoying the evening of food, artisans and free live music while wearing down a 2 year old so he can sleep through the night!

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