New Product Release Phone Ring Stands + The Summer of Fun

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It’s August 2018 and we are preparing to send our son off to kindergarten next week, and we are soaking up this last week of summer fun before the full fall reset and recharge kicks in. Here are a few of the highlights from around town.

Heading to farmers markets and fruit stands is one of our favorite and simple pleasures; our personal favs are the Monday evening Folly Beach Farmers Market and the Sunday Brunch Market on James Island. We’re always sure to stop at Annie O Love Granola’s Booth for our son to enjoy a healthy and decadent sweet treat.

Annie O Love Granola Charleston SC

Another highlight was fishing as a family for the first time. We chose the Pier at Folly Beach since we knew Charleston County Parks has a shop that could help us get set up and be able to answer our fishing questions.

It was a fun experience and we look forward to exploring the many creeks, rivers and inlets around James Island, Folly Beach, and Charleston now that we have our basics down and our fishing licenses.

One more tip: fishing licenses are available online here, and are super affordable. You can take the receipt from online and immediately start fishing until the actual fishing licenses arrive in the mail.
Folly Beach Fishing Pier Folly Beach SC

Phone Ring Stands have officially launched!

Phone Ring Stands South Carolina Palmetto

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Creating your customized ring stand is simple, please contact us to get a custom ring stand and custom ring stands start at $20/stand.

Thank you for allowing us to “Customize Your Life”. Our clients are why we are able to have our online Millenial Mom and Pop Shop. We’re looking forward to being at Holiday Markets around town and will be sure to keep y’all in the loop of shopping specials, new products, and fun around the area.

Anna, Co-Founder/Owner
Adam, Co-Founder
Elijah, all around cool 5 year old