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Black South Carolina Palmetto Tree and Moon License plate

Black South Carolina Palmetto Moon License Plate


-100% Made in USA-The raw aluminum comes from Arizona and the final product is made by us in South Carolina.
-Protected with a UV coat to preserve color.
-Free Shipping

Product Description

Black South Carolina Palmetto Moon License Plate. Whether you are from South Carolina or someone who just loves the Palmetto Moon design, these durable license plates look great on any car or truck. They can also used as decoration in bars, garages, workshops, outdoor patio’s, dock’s or mancaves.

We also offer license plates in a variety of colors and with different cities or neighborhood’s on the bottom of the plate. You can see the options here, but if you do not see the city or the color you want, we can easily customize it for you.

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made in usa south carolina license plate